Oats {Avena sativa}

Also, Known As: Avena Sativa Common Oats Groats Oats Wild Oats The plant-based cereals called the oats - botanical name: Avena sativa - is a very nutritious food and remedy. The oat is rich in protein, has lots of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, trace elements and potassium as well as iron - while also being very high in vitamin content. The … Continue reading Oats {Avena sativa}


DIY Yarrow Tincture (And 5 Ways To Use It)

Original post-July 10th 2017... This past spring, I was excited to see a couple of yarrow plants growing next to my driveway. I've watched them as they've grown, budded, and unfurled their creamy white flowers, and now that they're full grown, they're ready to be put to good use. This week, I decided to take some … Continue reading DIY Yarrow Tincture (And 5 Ways To Use It)

Herbalism, Anatomy, Physiology Series

Healing starts with the gut. That’s what our herbalists will tell you. A healthy digestive system supports our mental and emotional well-being, while also processing nutrients and delivering them through the entire body. And it’s not just about what you eat, but rather, what you assimilate. Through the release of the liver’s bile and digestive … Continue reading Herbalism, Anatomy, Physiology Series